About Waterskiing gear

When the summer time comes, it’s time to start thinking about firing up the boat. When the snow stops falling you will find the Wilderness team on either a water ski, wakeboard, wakeskate, inflatable or barefooting.

Wilderness Sea n’ Ski have been keeping water ski enthusiast onto of the water for over 25 years. Much has developed since those days of wooden double skis, and pulling a trucks inflated inner tube around the river.


Not only do we know water skis but we ensure that you will pay the lowest discount price on all ski gear. Whether it’s a pair of beginner double water skis or a hard turning competition slalom ski you won’t pay more than you have to with our discount water ski policy. With trusted brands like HO, Ronix, Connelly, Jobe, in both single and doubles, matching you to the perfect ski is easy.

For the littlies we recommend kids double trainer water skis for ages 5 and up.

Or a single ski in the correct size that we will gladly advise.

Inflatables & Towables

There are so many varieties of ski tubes on the market and this means a tube for every need. You will have a blast on the big ski tubes as it bounces and slides behind the boat, these are called multi rider tubes. They are made from heavy duty 30 gauge PVC construction with a boston valve and durable double stitched nylon coverings, there are 3 person tubes and the lay down flat types for 3-4 people. The old ski biscuit is still available and the choices are many.

Single and double ski tubes or dual riders also pack a punch with excitement, they can vary from 48″ and 54″ for the round types and 60″ to 74″ for the flat types.

The latest are the steerable ski tubes called the doable and the u slalom where it enables you to cut the wake and even get some scary air.

We carry brands such as HO, Radar, Fuel, Sportstuff, Connelly, and Williams. Whatever it is Wilderness Sea n’ Ski has an inflatable ski tube for you to have a fantastic time this summer on the water.

Water Ski Wetsuits

The first thing to think about when purchasing a wetsuit is design, comfort and fit. It must be snug enough to keep the water out but also manoeuvrable to be able to turn with little or no restrictions.

Wavelength, Jet Pilot and Williams wetsuits offer fantastic water-ski wetsuits, Wavelength use what’s called soft cell technology, this gives unmatched flexibility. The buoyancy suits use a 3mm neoprene right through and the barefoot wetsuits use a 5mm neoprene with reinforcing. All barefoot suits have taping over the double flat lock stitched seams to double the durability required when barefooting.

All buoyancy and barefoot wetsuits are fitted with leg ties and a rubber seal to stop water getting into your wetsuit when getting up out of the deep.


Number 1 safety piece of equipment you'll need upon boarding a water vessel are lifejackets.  We carry all types required for watersports,  Level 50 and Level 50s or Level 100.  The rating of vest you will need depends on the use.  You can visit the RMS website for further information. http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/safety-equipment/lifejackets.html