Fins, Leashes, Accessories

We've got all the accessories you need to hit the surf. Bodyboard Fins, Covers, Leashes, Plugs, Sox, Wax and Repair Kits from brands such as Ocean & Earth, Hydro Tech, Red back, Maddog and Hot Buttered. Shop online and in store for great deals on Bodyboard Gear. 

Mirage Hand Sufer Paddle Surfer
The original Surf A Hand paddle
Hot Buttered Free II Fins
Super soft foot pocket
$54.95 $64.95
Hot Buttered Projekt Fins
It's all about power
$59.95 $69.95
Hydro Tech Fins
Swim Fins
$69.95 $79.95
Maddog Wave Gripper Fins
Wide foot pocket
Fix A Fin Rubber Fin Savers
Available in S, M, L
O&E Basic Bodyboard Leash
Standard wrist leash 
O&E Coiled Bodyboard Bicep Leash
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
O&E Coiled Bodyboard Leash
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
O&E Pro Bicep Bodyboard Leash
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
$42.95 $45.95
O&E Bodyboard Plug
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
Maddog Surf Sox 1mm
for added protection
O&E Flipper Socks
1mm Neoprene
Ocean Hunter 1.5mm Wet Sox
Fin Sox to keep you warm
Ocean Pro Lycra Sox
Eliminates Chafing
Surf Sox 1mm Land & Sea
use inside fins for warmth & protection
$18.95 $19.95
WP S30 Soft Boots 2mm wet sox
Unisex size Wetsuit sox
Quiksilver Highline Gloves
2mm, lightweight warmth
$45.00 $59.99
Maddog Bodyboard Cover
with outer pocket
O&E Bodyboard Sock
Stretch cover board protection
O&E Deluxe Bodyboard Cover
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
$64.95 $69.95
Froth Surf Wax
Super Sticky
O&E Max Wax Warm 75g
Water temps 19 - 23ºC
Ocean & Earth Wax Shnap Warm
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
Sex Wax Quick Humps
Easy to apply, smells great
Surf Organic Surf Wax
Packaged with 100% recycled materials
O&E Wax Comb
O&E Wax Remover
perfectly removes wax
O&E Bodyboard Repair Resin
Bodyboard Repair 
Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc
60gms of goodness
$19.99 $24.99
Adrenalin 2P Poncho Hooded Towel
Keeping you cosy
Dri-Dock Waterproof Ear Phones
In-ear design to 9ft/3m
Land and Sea Silicone Slap Watch
Water Resistant - 10ATM
O&E Ulu Surf Cap
Chin Strap, Quick-Drying