Floats, Lines, Flags

Huge range of spearfishing safety floats and flags from the brands you know and trust. Salvimar, Omer, Rob Allen, Cressi, Imersion, Ocean Hunter, Mares, JBL and more. We have everything you need to be seen, stay safe and never lose your starting point in the water. Torpedo floats, marker buoys, flag and pole and float and line combos. Buy online or see us in store Wilderness Sea N Ski, Liverpool, Sydney. Best deals Australia wide.

Cressi Fish Stringer 2mm Mono
with Monofilament Trace
Huntmaster Reef PVC Float Line 8mm
Deluxe rigline. Various lengths available
Huntmaster Tuna Tamer PVC Float Line 11mm
big brother to the REEF Floatline
Mares Floatline Bungee
with bungee
Ocean Hunter Apex DS3 Float Line
Heavy-duty float line
$129.00 $139.00
Ocean Hunter Float Bungee
with bungee
$24.95 $27.95
Ocean Hunter Float Line Blue
10mtr Line, Speed needle & Loop
$48.00 $67.00
Ocean Hunter Float Line Red
Line, Speed needle & Stringer
$54.00 $87.00
Reefline Basic Rigline
Rigline Only
Salvimar Line Winder
Organise excess line
Huntmaster Sharkfin Line Anchor Hook
for inverted roller conversions
Mirage Pneumatic Line Set
For Pneumatic Guns
Hollis Marker Buoy Closed Cell
non deflating valve system
$119.99 $129.99
Mares Safety Stop Marker
Keep under control
$19.95 $29.95
Scubapro SMB 3.5ft
Safety First!
Scubapro SMB 4.5m
with 6m orange line
$127.95 $159.00
Scubapro SMB 6ft
Safety First!
$175.00 $189.00
Cressi 10LT Rigid Float and Flag
Fully rigged and ready to use
$99.00 $129.99
Cressi Econo Float and Flag 5Ltr
Great surface marker buoy
$69.00 $89.95
Cressi Spyder Surface Buoy Float & Flag
The float that has it all...
$129.00 $139.95
Cressi Torpedo Inflatable Float, Flag & Line
Divers, spearos and snorklers
$49.95 $69.95
Huntmaster Reef PVC Float Medium 82cm
Deep or Shore Diving
Huntmaster Rockhopper PVC Float 55cm
Perfect size for Shore Diving
Huntmaster Tuna Tamer PVC Float 98cm
Holds the biggest fish in the ocean.  
Huntmaster Tuna Tamer PVC Float 98cm 2022
Deep or Shore Diving
$200.00 $399.00
JBL LC Torpedo IF300 Inflatable Float
420 denier Hi-Viz green nylon
$60.00 $145.00
JBL The LIFT 3ATM IF400 Float
Hyperlon inflatable boat material
$150.00 $369.00
Mares Float & Flag Torpedo Marker Buoy
with 20 metre line and carabiner
Mares Hydro Propel Buoy
50L capacity!
$79.00 $99.99
Mirage Rayzor Torpedo Float & Flag
with 20m cord
$39.99 $49.95
Ocean Hunter float flag and Pole
Easily installed
Ocean Hunter Inflatable Float & Flag
Stand out in the water
$39.00 $49.00
Ocean Hunter Inflatable Float Bladder
Replacement Bladder
Ocean Hunter Torpedo Flag and Pole
Easily installed
Ocean Hunter Torpedo Float Yellow
Super buoyant 
$69.00 $79.00
Rob Allen 12L Rigid Foam Float & Flag
Rescue orange for Hi-Vis
$209.00 $229.00
Rob Allen 7L Rigid Foam Float & Flag
Foam filled Float and Flag with 2 clips
$189.00 $209.00
Rob Allen Flash Float Winder
Complete with 20 metres of mono line
$99.00 $115.00
Rob Allen Flag & Pole
High Visibility
Rob Allen Flag & Weight for Flash Float
Fits to Flash Float
$44.95 $49.00
Rob Allen Keel weight
for Hard Floats
Salvimar Dyneema Dymax 50m Cord
High Strength Line
$143.00 $179.00
Huntmaster Float Valve Adapter
allows you to pump in more air