Kids Wetsuits

Wetsuits for kids for all types of water sports. Snorkeling, spearfishing, swimming, surfing, jet skiing and water skiing. Choose from a shorty to a full body steamer. Wetsuit shorts, long sleeve top, or a wetsuit vest. We've got it all for boys and girls...
Adrenalin Aquasport Spring Blue
Durable & Flexible
Adrenalin Aquasport Spring Pink
Durable & Flexible
Cressi Infant Baby Warmer Blue
sizes 6-24 months
$39.99 $54.99
Cressi Infant Baby Warmer Pink
sizes 6-24 months
$39.99 $54.99
Crystal Kids Spring 2
all watersports Size 2
$29.95 $49.95
Ocean Pro Boys Grommet Spring
Smoothskin Chest panel
$49.99 $89.99
Ocean Pro Boys Spring wetsuit
Boys Wetsuit for all watersports
$49.95 $59.95
Ocean Pro Girls Spring wetsuit
Girls Wetsuit for all watersports
$49.95 $59.95
Quiksilver Prologue 2/2 BZ Spring
Back zip, Flatlock seams
Roxy Girls Syncro 2/2mm BZ Spring
Lightweight & Warm
Roxy Tots Syncro 1.5mm Spring Blue
Durable and Strong
Roxy Tots Syncro 1.5mm Spring Suit
Durable and Strong
$39.99 $45.99
Adrenalin Kids 3/2mm Steamer Blue
Spend more time in the water
$79.99 $89.99
Ocean Pro 2.5mm Grommet Steamer
2.5mm Neo, Back Zip
$79.99 $89.99
Ocean Pro Boys 2.5mm Steamer
2.5mm Full Boys Wetsuit
Ocean Pro Girls 2.5mm Steamer
2.5mm Full Girls Wetsuit-size 10
Roxy Girls 3/2mm GBS full wetsuit
Very stretch girls wetsuit. GBS
$139.99 $179.99
W/Length Boys Wet Shorts Green
Kids Neo Shorts with leg seals
$39.95 $49.95
W/Length Boys Wetsuit Shorts
Our prices cant be beaten
$29.95 $44.95
W/Length Girls Wetsuit Shorts '19
2mm stretch neo