Ladies Wetsuits

Wetsuits for women for all types of water sports. Snorkeling, spearfishing, swimming, surfing, jet skiing and water skiing. Choose from a shorty to a full body steamer. Wetsuit shorts, long sleeve top, or a wetsuit vest. We've got it all...

Adrenalin Aquasport Ladies Spring Blue
Durable & Flexible
$79.99 $89.99
Adrenalin Aquasport Ladies Spring Pink
Durable & Flexible
$79.99 $89.99
Crystal Ladies 2mm Spring wetsuit
Wetsuits for all watersports
$69.95 $89.99
Roxy Ladies 2/2 S/S CZ Springsuit
Chest Zippered entry for a warmer suit
$89.99 $159.99
Roxy Prologue 2/2mm BZ Spring Black
Durable Neoprene
Roxy Syncro 2/2mm S/S BZ Spring Black
Lightweight & Flexible
$119.99 $159.99
Roxy Syncro 2/2mm S/S BZ Spring Peach
Look Hot, Stay Warm
$89.99 $149.99
Roxy Syncro 2/2mm S/S CZ Spring Blue
Chest Zip entry system
$139.00 $229.99
Scubapro 2mm Hybrid Springsuit
Chest Zippered easy entry
$149.99 $239.99
Roxy 1mm Satin Short John
Bikini style, keeps you warm
$99.99 $129.99
Adrenalin Enduro Ladies 3mm Steamer Blue
Performance & Style
$99.00 $119.99
Adrenalin Enduro Ladies 3mm Steamer Pink
Wetsuits for all watersports
$99.00 $119.00
Mares Reef 3mm She Dives
Ideal for temperate water
$179.00 $199.00
O'Neil Reactor 3/2mm Steamer
Great Value ladies wetsuit
Roxy Ladies GBS 3/2 Chest Zip Steamer
Chest zippered wetsuit
$149.99 $259.99
Roxy Syncro 2/2mm S/S BZ GBS Full
Short Sleeve GBS
$149.99 $229.99
Roxy Syncro 3/2mm BZ Steamer Blue
Keeping water out
$199.99 $249.99
Roxy Syncro 3/2mm CZ GBS
Value and Performance
$239.99 $299.99
Roxy XY Satin 3/2mm GBS BZ
Super flexible, Glued seams
$229.99 $329.99
Huntmaster Huntress Pink 1.5mm
Super stretch Camo prints
$299.00 $320.00
Huntmaster Huntress Pink 3.5mm
Open Cell, Super stretch Camo 
$399.00 $420.00
Huntmaster Huntress Pink 5mm
Open Cell, Super stretch Camo 
$449.00 $470.00
Huntmaster Ladies Hooded Rashguard
Camo lycra and spandex layer
Salvimar Sea Walker Ladies 3.5mm
Dedicated ladies spearo wetsuit
$449.00 $529.00
Scubapro Profile 5mm Ladies
Durable and Fast-Drying
$249.00 $429.95
JetPilot Bec Ascent L/S 2mm zip top
Bec Gange Ladies design
$87.00 $109.99
Roxy Syncro 1mm L/S Top
Flatlocked stitched
$60.00 $119.99
Scubapro Ladies Everflex Top 1.5mm S/S
Keeping you warm & comfortable
$139.00 $175.00
Scubapro Ladies Pyroflex Top 1.5mm L/S
Combined protection and warmth
$129.95 $184.21
WP U30 2mm Wetsuit Vest Womens
Add a layer of warmth in water
$49.95 $79.95
2170 Wetsuit & Gear Wash
Santitizes all kinds of wetsuits
2170 Wetsuit Lube
Slide into your open cell wetsuit
Rob Allen Slippy Wetsuit Lube 150g
Makes 16L of wetsuit lube