Wilderness has a full range of Buoyancy Control Devise or BCDs, we will make sure we fit a BCD that is right for you. we have all the brands to fit every budget and body. Just come in and ask our knowledgeable staff

Mares Ranger Junior BCD
Junior/Kids Age 8-12
$359.00 $459.95
Atomic Aquatics BC1
Toughest BCD in the world
$1760.00 $2199.99
Atomic Aquatics BC2
Toughest rear inflation BCD
Cressi Commander Evolution
Atelier product- Contact us for Price
Cressi Lightwing Rear Inflation
Ultra light, packs into small bag
$649.00 $729.00
Hollis HD 200 BCD
Combination of Tech/Rec features
$899.00 $1049.99
Mares Dragon SLS
Safety, comfort & style
$699.00 $999.00
Mares Kaila SLS
$749.00 $999.00
Mares Magellan BCD
Size L-XL only
$499.00 $599.00
Mares Prestige SLS Blue
Light & Strong, Weight intergrated
$639.00 $749.00
Mares Prestige SLS White
Light, Strong & Durable
$639.00 $749.00
Mares Prime BCD
A great BCD for entry level divers!
$529.00 $599.99
Ocean Pro Corsair BCD
Low profile, backpack style
$699.00 $849.95
Scubapro Bella BCD
*NEW* tailored for women
$649.00 $871.00
Scubapro Glide BCD
Wraparound Air Cell
$649.00 $871.00
Scubapro Hydros Pro
Built for Comfort & Convenience
$999.00 $1307.00
Scubapro Hydros Pro Lady
Built for Comfort & Convenience
$999.00 $1307.00
Scubapro Hydros X BCD
Conforms to body for a tailored fit
$999.00 $1199.00
Scubapro X-Black
Weight Integration Back Trim
$979.00 $1312.90
Tusa Conquest BCJ-0201B
Enhanced lumbar for comfort
$628.00 $889.00
Tusa Jasmine Ladies BC-0401
For hug and support
$549.00 $720.00
Tusa Liberator BCJ-0103B
Heavy Duty, Wrap Around
$449.95 $549.95
Tusa Soverin Alpha BCJ-0102
with advanced weight system
$575.00 $720.00
Tusa T-Wing BCJ0502
Assured stability in the water
$749.00 $819.00
Tusa X-Wing 3D BCJ-8000C
Technical and Recreational
$695.00 $875.00
Zeagle Covert XT BCD
Functionality, convenience and comfort for travellers
$649.00 $829.99
Zeagle Marina Sport Womens BCD
Wrap around design for women
$580.00 $729.99
Zeagle Zena Womens BCD
Designed by women for women
$849.00 $999.99
Mares Rover BCD Ex Rental
Tested and in good working order.
Atomic Aquatics AI BCD Power Inflator
High Performance Power Inflator
$249.99 $299.99
BCD Hollis Harness Elite 2
Adjustable Tech harness
Diveflex BCD Hose Braided 64cm
Extremely flexible
$64.00 $79.99
Hollis Backplate Stainless Steel
Marine grade Stainless Steel
$179.00 $229.99
Hollis BCD Delrin Cam Band
5cm wide spare tank band
$23.99 $29.99
Hollis S38 LX Wing BCD
Single tank donut
$465.00 $549.99
Hollis Solo Harness System
Clean, simple harness system
$144.00 $179.99
Hollis Tank Adapter Single
Switch between double & single setup
$99.99 $129.99
Mares XR Deluxe Padding Kit
Extra padding, Max comfort
$149.00 $189.99
Mares XR Donut Bladder Single
Strong & Durbale
$299.00 $399.00
Mares XR Donut Bladder Twin
Strong & Durbale
$389.00 $489.00
Mares XR Heavy Duty Back Plate
Complete Mounting System
$299.99 $349.99
Mares XR Heavy Light Back Plate
Complete Mounting System
$296.00 $369.99
Mares XR Pure Light Sidemount Set
XR Sidemount setup
$999.00 $1199.00
Mares XR Single Backmount Blue Battle
Limited Edition
$899.00 $999.00
Mares XR Single Backmount Psycho Calavera
Backmount design, less side bulk
$899.00 $999.00