Booties & Fin Sox

At Wilderness we have a range of dive Boots and Fin Sox.  3mm or 5mm zipped Dive boots with soft sole or hard sole.  Wetsox to wear under closed heel fins for extra comfort and warmth.

Mares Flexa DS Hard Sole 5mm Boots
Exclusive drainage system
$62.00 $89.00
Scubapro 5mm Heavy Duty Booties
For prolonged comfort
$74.00 $92.85
Scubapro 6.5mm Heavy Duty Booties
Toughness and Warmth
$79.00 $97.50
Scubapro Delta 5mm Dive Boots
Limited Sizes in stock
$49.95 $75.00
Subgear Comfort Zip 5mm Booties
Integrated fin strap fixing on heel
$44.95 $57.20
Tusa Imprex Dive Boots 5mm
A range of sizes Available
$75.00 $98.00
Mares Equator 2mm Booties
Lightweight with rubber grip sole
Tusa Imprex Neo Dive Slippers 3mm
Injection Molded Sole
$39.95 $49.95
Cressi Camo 3mm Wet Sox
Non Slip Sole
Hammerhead 1.5mm Tuff Sox
For tropical waters
$34.95 $40.00
Mares Classic 3mm Socks
Double-lined neoprene
$24.00 $29.00
Mirage 2mm Bootie Sox
with extra grip sole
Ocean Hunter 1.5mm Wet Sox
Fin Sox to keep you warm
Omer Spider Socks 3mm
Keep your feet warm and comfortable
$39.95 $49.99
Subgear 3MM Comfort Soxx
Added comfort and warmth
WP S30 Soft Boots 2mm wet sox
Unisex size Wetsuit sox