Bottoms & Full Layers

Keep warmer in the colder water with an extra layer under your wetsuit.  Add a pair of shorts or long thermal bottoms. Perfect for tropical warm water diving where a protection layer only is needed. Suitable for all sports Adrenalin 2P Long sleeve tops, pants or one piece suit.

Adrenalin Junior Bodyshield Hooded Stinger suit
Perfect protection for kids
$69.99 $79.99
Adrenalin Kids 3mm Wetsuit Shorts
Wetsuits for all watersports
Adrenalin Lycra Stinger Suit Unisex
Maximum protection UV & sealife
Adrenalin Thermal 2P Full Suit
Warm layer to wear wet or dry
Adrenalin Thermal 2P Long Pants
Warm layer to use wet or dry
Adrenalin Thermal 2P Short Pants
Warm layer to use wet or dry
Cressi Hunter Lycra Spearfishing pants
Wear under wetsuit or thermal layer
$69.99 $89.99
Omer Bermuda Mimetic Lycra Shorts
Camo shorts worn over wetsuit
$39.00 $79.95
Scubapro Hybrid Pockets Shorts
Versatile for a range of watersports
$85.00 $108.99
Scubapro UP50 Full Suit Jewel
Rated UPF-50 
$119.00 $129.99
W/Length Icon Shorts Black 2020
4-way stretch neo
$55.00 $64.95
W/Length Icon Shorts Red 2020
4-way stretch neo
$55.00 $64.95
WP T30 1.5mm Wetsuit Shorts Mens
Superstetch, 1.5mm Neo
$39.95 $49.95
Zoggs Cottlesloe Swimmers
100% chlorine proof. 
$23.99 $29.99