Chains, Taboggan, Accessories

For all your snowboard wax's, repairs, waxing Irons you cant beat Wilderness. We stock Snow chains to fit all vehicles. And dont forget the toboggans for that snow play

Ocean and Earth Multipurpose Rax
a versatile rack system
V2 Traction Snow Chains
Diamond pattern easy fit chains.
$149.00 $199.00
Ice Trekkers Shoe Chains
Ice traction for snow walking
KUU Cat Trax Shoe Chains
Cat like traction in icy conditions
Atsko Bees Wax Sno-Seal
Protects leather from the snow
KUU Anti-Fog Spray
Prevents fogging
Nikwax Down Wash 300ml
Takes care of your Snow Gear
Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof
Takes care of your Gear
Nikwax Tech Wash
Takes care of your Snow Gear
$10.95 $24.95
Nikwax TX Direct Spray On 300ml
Look after your gear
Nikwax TX Direct Wash In 300ml
Prolong the life of your Snow Gear
Grabber Hand Warmers
Grabber Toe Warmers
Inferno Hand Warmers
Keep those fingers warm in the snow
Inferno Toe Warmers
Keep those toes cosy in the snow
Dry Guy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer
Warm and Dry
Snow Sllinger toy
Snow accessories at the lowest prices
The Original Snowballer
Assorted Colours
The Snowballer Mini
Perfect for kids
Airhead Shred Snow Skate
Skateboard on the snow
Toddler Snow Sled
Ages 1-4 years
$44.95 $49.95
XS Winter Toboggan Carve
Robust Sturdy Plastic Construction
$67.95 $69.95
XS Winter Toboggan Large
The whole family will enjoy
$29.95 $39.95
XS Winter Toboggan Scoop
Robust Sturdy Construction for Kids
$49.95 $59.00
XTM Waterproof Unisex Belts
Belts to fit Mens, Women & kids
Ankle Donuts
Relieves Irritation
Sports Suspenders
Easy to adjust
ThermaTech Hinged Knee Brace
Provides compression and warmth