Gauges & Computers

Scuba gauges and computers are extremely important, they tell you your depth, air and time. Wilderness has a huge range of computers and analog gauges, our staff will guide you through the maze and find whats works for you. Instrument from brands include Mares, Uwatec, Aladin, Tusa, Scubapro.

Scubapro Galileo Luna
Loaded with Features
$1099.00 $1365.00
Scubapro Galileo Sol
We wont be beaten on price
$1399.00 $1742.00
Tusa IQ-1201 Talis Wrist Computer
Advanced 2 gas watch computer
$439.00 $559.00
Tusa IQ650 Element Wrist Computer
New IQ650 Computer module
$299.00 $359.00
Tusa IQ750 Element II Wrist Computer
New IQ750 Computer module
$445.00 $489.00
Cressi Leonardo Wrist dive computer
A Must have for all divers.
$385.00 $425.00
Cressi Newton Wrist Computer
It's truly compact - 3 colours
$639.99 $799.00
Mares Icon HD Netready dive computer
Incredible Colour High Definition dive
$1599.00 $1799.00
Mares Matrix Wrist Dive computer
Another Step into the future
$649.00 $759.00
Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer
Enjoy the versatility of Puck
Mares Quad Wrist Gauge
Software Upgradeability
$529.00 $659.99
Scubapro Mantis 2 with transmitter
Loaded with features
$1699.00 $1885.00
Mares Mission Puck 3 Console
Enjoy the versatility of Puck
$479.00 $569.00
Mares Puck Air with Compass
We wont be beaten on price
$589.00 $699.00
Tusa SCA-362 IQ750+SPG+Compass 3in1
New IQ750 Computer module
$619.00 $729.00
Mares Mission 1 Pressure Gauge
Selling at bargin prices
$135.00 $159.00
Mares Mission 2 console
Pressure and Depth Gauges
$229.00 $269.00
Mares Mission 2C Console
Pressure gauge and Compass
$229.00 $269.00
Mares Mission 3 Console
Pressure & Depth Gauges with Comapss
$272.00 $319.00
Scubapro Standard Pressure Gauge
SPG Standard Brass console
$189.99 $207.48
Tusa SCA-150 Pressure Gauge
Luminescent dial - See in the dark!
$189.00 $220.00
Tusa SCA-270 SPG + Compass
New look Triple Tusa gauges
$299.99 $349.95
Tusa SCA-360 SPG+ Depth+ Compass
3 in 1 Triple Console
$365.00 $429.00
Mares Handy Compass
Designed for attachment to BCDs
$109.99 $129.99
Scubapro FS-2 Compass with retractor
Perfect for travelling divers
$194.50 $229.30
Tusa SCA-100T Compass
Our prices cant be beaten
$89.00 $99.00
Scubapro Heart Rate Monitor
To suit Mantis and Meridian
$189.00 $218.40
Tusa IQ750 PC Transfer kit
Easy to use transfer clamp
$95.00 $105.00