Huntmaster Scout Fins

Huntmaster Scout Fins
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Scout Plastic Fins – Long Blades are affordable thermo plastic fins with interchangeable blades are great value for money and perfect for beginners who cover big distances in shallow waters. These plastic fins are preferred over carbon by some experienced divers who don’t want to damage their top end fins while chasing crays, crabs, abalone, urchins or octopus in the shallows. Still good for dives upwards of 20m, these fins will serve as a great introduction into spearing and a solid back up pair as you dive deeper and move towards carbon.

Design: While you are learning how to dive you’ll often find yourself in the shallows amongst the rocks and reef, your fins need to be tough and durable and able to with stand knocks, hits, scrapes and being thrown up the rocks while you climb out with the rest of your gear and fish. This is where the Scout comes into its element. The durable thermo plastic is soft enough to provide a progressive thrust and yet tough enough to hold up against whatever you throw at it. With cost taken into account, you can rest assured that these fins are among the best value on the market.

Unlike other entry levels fins, the Scout fins have a separate foot pocket and interchangeable blade. So you can change from the Scout thermo plastic blade to other composite or carbon blades and keep your original foot pocket, saving on cost while getting a better blade to take you to the next level.

  • Soft, comfortable & durable rubber foot pockets, with a new rubber compound material used to allow a superior transmission of energy to the fin blade.
  • Changeable high-performance softened blades with channels designed onto the blade for optimum water transferal and improving diver efficiency.
  • Molded rubber foot pocket is engineered to prevent over-flexing, which makes it ideal for beginners or for swimming and diving long hours in shallower waters

Colour: Black