Huntmaster Tasman Invert Roller Black

Huntmaster Tasman Invert Roller Black
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The Tasman range is an affordable, yet heavy duty setup, that can be relied upon over and over again to perform accurately and predictably.

What is the difference between a traditional open head speargun and Invert roller speargun?

Huntmaster has boosted the traditional speargun with another amazing piece of revolutionary technology using the ‘Woomera’ Invert Roller head.

A ‘Woomera’ is a wooden Australian Aboriginal spear-throwing device. Similar to an atlatl, it serves as an extension of the human arm, enabling a spear to travel at a greater speed and force than possible with only the arm.

The Huntmaster Invert Roller speargun is the modern day ‘Woomera’, enabling a spear shaft to travel at a much greater speed, force and accuracy than possible with only the traditional open head muzzle speargun.

Why the ‘Woomera’ compound invert roller head?

Compound (Invert) roller guns - This is the equivalent of a compound archery bow, in comparison to a normal bow. The compound roller gun produces more power, efficiency, accuracy and hardly no recoil on the handle. These guns have shot many world record fish and give a massive advantage over other conventional guns when targeting larger fish.

When loading a large number of rubbers, it doesn’t place strain on the handle and your hand when firing meaning you can hunt using one hand, rather than the traditional very heavy and painful bluewater spearguns

The smaller overall size of these guns makes them very convenient when hunting and travelling, meaning you can move your gun easily in the water and at the same time producing much more power and accuracy then the traditional 130 or 140cm open head muzzle spearguns.

Our Dilemma solved!

The ‘Woomera’ Inverted Roller Speargun has finally addressed all the issues of previous invert roller guns in one new and unique design. When designing this speargun, our team of advanced divers and spearos sat with our engineers and manufacturers for weeks on end to fine tune what is needed for the ultimate invert roller speargun.

We wanted a invert roller gun that can be an ‘ALL Rounder’. A speargun and head that can hold hundreds of kilos of pressure; be used for single flopper shafts, double flopper shafts and alternate setups according to what species we are targeting.

Examples of setups:

-When targeting blue water species, use the double flopper shafts and increase your number of rubbers
-When targeting reef species, use the single flopper shafts and decrease the number of rubbers

With a full-length rail that runs directly from the full stainless-steel mechanism all the way along the handle, barrel and head. No more unsightly joints between handle and barrel or barrel and head, allowing the spear to travel unimpeded from start to finish.


Being affordable, doesn’t mean that we have compromised on quality! The Tasman range still uses the same 100% stainless steel mechanism, with no plastic parts. It still uses the same HUNTMASTER handle which can be used for a variety of configurations, such as roller, pulley or conventional. The handle sports a soft rubberized grey grip, the Huntmaster simple open head and attack rubber are also standard features.

Instead of our Harbinger camo pattern barrel with clear polyurethane protective coating, the Tasman range features a 75cm-120cm black ceramic coated aluminium barrel. The Tasman is available in a black and grey colour scheme with an option of either:

White Handle – (black attack rubber, grey handle grip with matching silver logos) or
All Black Handle – (black attack rubber, grey handle grip with matching silver logos)
Speargun handle

A closer inspection will reveal a custom handle designed by the HUNTMASTER team to suit a number of configurations, rollers, pulleys and conventional spearguns.

The integrated hook and mounting points make loading, unloading and taking pretension off your rubbers a breeze. The integrated hook can also be used for future inverted roller conversions, this saves unnecessary and nasty drilling into barrels and handles causing issues in the long run.

These handles offer everything from a positive safety that can not be tuned on accidently, to an integrated Gopro bracket, from an ambidextrous line retainer and soft rubber grip to 100% stainless steel trigger mechanism with no plastic parts, we even include a 110mm Shark/Tuna clip, so you really are ready to go.


All the Tasman speargun range uses top grade ‘Attack’ Microbore rubber with a smaller internal diameter, only 1mm, this rubber offers more power to size ratio than other leading brands. For more info go to ‘Attack Rubber’.

The reverse mechanism and the rearward positioning on the shark fins adds an extra 10cm band stretch, more band stretch means more power. A 100cm Huntmaster gun has 110cm band stretch.

  • Woomera roller head
  • Aluminium barrels with high quality ceramic coated (black barrel with silver logos)
  • Attack Microbore Rubber with a tiny 1mm core
  • Revolutionary Custom made Speargun Handle with Full stainless-steel mechanism, GoPro Mount, integrated hook and mounting points and various matching colours
  • The integrated hook for the speargun handle can also be used for Roller, Pulley or Conventional setups (No more nasty drilling into your barrels or handles!!)
  • Construction of the 'Woomera' roller head
  • Made using state of the art CNC/CAD design with special injection moulding. This makes each stage of the production process precise and consistent.
  • The plastic is mixed with over 32% carbon, making it both stronger and lighter in weight
  • The design ensures there is a protective “arch” . The purpose of the arch is to ensure the line on the shaft doesn’t tangle up or get in contact with the rollers whilst firing the speargun
  • Sleek and compact design with internal hole to allow for extra rubber kickers when setting up rig ups for very large fish
  • Rollers make it easier to load and can also be used to fit many different guns on the market.
  • Embedded anchor point to tie off your speargun muzzle bungee or feed through your reel line
  • Marine grade stainless steel for all metal parts use
  • The design is unique by using ‘Self-lubricating Teflon washers’ embedded behind the rollers that reduces friction whilst firing your speargun for both versions (standard/ ball bearings).
  • Tested by our team and sponsored divers whilst targeting large game fish like marlin and Tuna, and proven to hold over 9-10 16mm rubbers, showing ultimate durability and strength and no failing or weak points

  • 75CM to 130CM TASMAN GUNS  - 6 RUBBERS