Jetski Accessories

Jet Ski anchors, floating keyrings, goggles, gloves and shoes.  We have all the extras you need for Jetsking.

Jetpilot Cause Ladies L50S Black
Ideal for water sports
$144.00 $179.99
Jetpilot Cause Mens Neo L50S Black
Like a Ninja...
$152.00 $189.99
Jetpilot Hyperflex Vault L50
Anatomical fit!
$159.00 $199.99
Jetpilot RX Ladies Navy/Pink L50S
Foam Anatomical Fit & handles!
$152.00 $189.99
Jetpilot Venture Neo Vest L50S Black
The Swiss Army of Lifejackets
$168.00 $209.99
Jetpilot Venture PWC L50S Camo
Super Grip Handles - Go Pro Mount
$168.00 $209.99
Jetpilot X1 Sina Leopard L50S
Sina Fuchs Signature
$192.00 $239.99
Jobe Premium Unify Neo Jacket
Heaps of features!
$184.00 $229.99
KGB Maverick PWC L50 Green 2024
with Handles Jetski vest
$176.00 $219.99
KGB Maverick PWC L50 Red 2024
with Handles Jetski vest
$176.00 $219.99
Bobster Alpha Goggles
Multi purpose goggles
$69.00 $89.99
Bobster Nighthawk OTG
OTG & Photochromatic!
$99.00 $139.99
Bobster Road Runner Goggles
Suits smaller faces
$39.95 $49.95
Cressi Ninja Floating Sunglasses
$49.95 $69.95
Cressi Skylight Goggles
All round comfort for hours of swimming
Jetpilot H20 Floating
with polarised lens
$56.00 $69.99
Jetpilot H20 Floating Frameless
with polarised lens
$69.99 $89.99
Land & Sea Polarised Glasses
Perfect for Action Sports
Jetpilot Floating Sunglasses Strap
Floats on water
Jetpilot Floating Sunglasses Strap
Floats on water
Jetpilot Floating Wristband
Fasten lanyard to wrist
Jetpilot PWC Fender
Docking protection
Jobe PWC Fender
Docking protection
Jetpilot PWC Bungee Dock Tie
secure your Jetski
Jetpilot PWC Marine Safety Lanyard
Engine Stop Safety Switch
$20.00 $29.99
Jetpilot PWC Tow Rope
Tow rope when you need it
Jetpilot Ratchet Tie Down 3 Hooks
Perfect for PWC's
Jetpilot Ratchet Tie Down SS
Perfect for PWC's
$29.00 $39.99
WP S30 Soft Boots 2mm Fin sox
Unisex size Wetsuit sox
$34.95 $41.00
Adrenalin Thermal 2P Sox
Warm layer to use wet or dry
Jetpilot Hydro Hi Cut Shoes
Jetski riding and watersports
Jetpilot Venture Shoes
Durable Neoprene
Land & Sea Surf Sox 1.5mm
use inside fins for warmth & protection
Maddog Lycra Surf Sox
for added protection
Mares Equator 2mm Booties
Lightweight with rubber grip sole
$59.95 $69.95
Mirage Adults Aqua Shoes
Basic water shoe
Neptune Beach Walkers 3mm
Footbed wont pull out with wet feet
$29.95 $35.00
Tusa Imprex Neo Dive Slippers 3mm
Injection Molded Sole
Wing Reef Shoes
tough rubber sole
$20.00 $39.99
Jetpilot Complete Folding Anchor
Secure your Jet Ski
Jetpilot Lightweight Fluke Anchor
Secure your Jet Ski
Jetpilot Plough Anchor Black
Durable, and secure!
Jetpilot Plough Anchor Green
Durable, and secure!
Jetpilot Sand Anchor
Secure your Jet Ski
$29.00 $35.99