Kneeboards are the Best, If you got knees you can kneeboard, a great way to get into wakeboarding or waterskiing. We carry kneeboards for beginners and advance riders. Check out our range where you can choose from kneeboards such as Jobe, Ho, Joker, HO Agent, Womens HO Element LE and Mens Element. Wilderness Sea N Ski even stock the covers so you can take your gear anywhere.

HO Agent '18
For an aggressive ride
HO Element '17
with Powerlock strap
$399.95 $499.95
HO Element LE '18
Pre Order Now
HO Joker '18
High Performance Shape
HO Neutron '18
Twin Tip
HO Rebound Wood Kneeboard
Great all rounder performance
$399.00 $599.00
HO Reflex Fibreglass '16
Freestyle Kneeboard
$449.00 $699.00
Radar Denunzio '16
Turn with ease
$479.95 $599.95
Radar Denunzio '18
Pre Order Now
Radar Magic Carpet '18
Easy to ride
Raptor Heist '18
Handle Hook for Easy Starts
Radar Three60 Disc '18
A blast on the water
HO Kneeboard Panno Shock Seat '18
Cushion massive air
HO Kneeboard Pannolock Strap '18
For maximum comfort
HO Kneeboard Powerlock Strap '18
For maximum comfort
Raptor Kneeboard Strap
Single Locking