Ladies Wakeboard Packages

Ladies, Save on wake board packages and have a great looking combo designed to go together riding the wake. Choose from brands Hyperlite or Ronix. Be fitted for your next Wakeboard complete set up by the experts at Wilderness.

Hyperlite Divine w/ Syn Ladies
Soft lift off the wake
$499.00 $848.00
Hyperlite Divine w/Allure 2017
Out of Stock. Order in only
$499.00 $549.99
Hyperlite Eden 2.0/Allure Boots '18
Master the basics
Hyperlite Eden 2.0/Jinx Boots '18
Develop your tricks
Hyperlite Maiden w/Jinx 2017
Carves and edges with ease
$679.95 $849.95
Hyperlite Prizm/Blur Boots '18
Pre Order Now
Hyperlite Socialite w/Syn
Get ready to be in the Spotlight
$849.00 $1298.00
Hyperlite Venice/Allure Boots '18
For more pop off the wake
Hyperlite Venice/Jinx Boots '18
Performance and Comfort
Ronix Krush/Luxe '18
An awesome building block
Ronix Limelight/Halo '18
Ride higher on the water
Ronix Limelight/Limelight '18
Advanced riding performance
Ronix Quarter Til Midnight/Halo '18
Charge the wake
Ronix Quarter Til Midnight/Luxe '18
Adapts to the rider