Mens Wakeboard Packages

Guys, Save on wake board packages and have a great looking combo designed to go together riding the wake. Choose from brands Hyperlite and Ronix. Be fitted for your next Wakeboard complete set up by the experts at Wilderness.

Raptor Darkside/Control Boots 2024
Geared towards progression
$649.99 $749.00
Raptor Severance/Control Boots 2024
Affordable to get started!
$699.00 $799.00
Raptor Severence 134 /Control Boots 2022
Affordable to get started!
$599.00 $748.00
Hyperlite Baseline/Remix Boots 2023
Smooth Carving, Great Pop
$859.00 $1073.00
Ronix Atmos/ Divide Boots 2022
Soft flex
$1078.00 $1348.00
Ronix Co Pilot /Divide Boots 2022
Cable Park Proven shredder 
$999.00 $1249.00
Ronix District/District Boots 2024
Extremely versatile board
Ronix District/Divide Boots 2024
For all skill levels
Ronix Press Play Cable Board/Divide Boots
A proven cable board
$799.00 $1149.00
Ronix Top Notch White /Divide Boots
Take to park and just chill
$999.00 $1249.00
Ronix Vault/District Boots 2024
Master the basics
$989.00 $1098.00
Ronix Vault/Divide Boots 2024
the building block of wakeboarding
$899.00 $998.00