Salvimar Salivate Package deal

Salvimar Salivate Package deal
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When only the best will do, look at this Salvimar spearfishing package. You'll be salivating when you catch what you're after!

1. Salvimar Krypsis 3.5mm Wetsuit

The Salvimare Krypsis is diving’s first true 3 dimensional camo pattern that makes you virtually disappear in almost all ocean reef wether temperate or tropical.  This wetsuit can really help give you the edge in ambush type spearfishing on elusive difficult to spear fish species.  Featuring a quality, high density open cell neoprene called Q foam which is available in 3.5mm and 5.5mm thicknesses. The open cell material gives the ultimate combination of warmth and flexibility.  The wetsuit is of 2 piece design with a hooded jacket and high pants, high wear areas are reinforced with a heavy duty rubber material called puff gum.  The jackets also features an extra thick loading pad with external puff gum to give more comfort whilst loading.

  • Two-piece wetsuit, jacket with hood and high-waisted trousers
  • Exterior material: ultra - elastic Salvimar Camo
  • Ultra elastic lining + Neoprene Q-FOAM = Excellent comfort and easy wearability
  • Interior material: Q-FOAM open cell neoprene
  • Guards and reinforcement: PuffGum on torso and knees
  • Double GBS cross seam for maximum strength and seal
  • Beavertail seal with double buttons
  • CRSS (Camo Round Seal System) external trim on wrists,ankles, face and waist

2.A) Salvimar Morpheus mask

The Salvimar Morpheus Mask is a dual lens mask with reduced internal volume. A lower volume brings the mask closer to your face. This gives you two advantages. First it makes it easy to clear the mask with less water to displace if it enters the mask, more importantly it provides a much wider field of vision allowing you to see more of the environment and improves your focus on prey if you are hunting.

2B) Salvimar Bite Air Snorkel

  • New Extra soft snorkel
  • Anatomic mouthpiece in silicone antiallergenic for prolonged use
  • Adjustable height snorkel keeper
  • Salvimar exclusive concept and design 

3. Salvimar Turn 151 Fins 

The Salvimar Turn 151 Fins have been designed to compliment the spearos stealth and improve underwater dive times by keeping energy and endurance levels to a minimum.  The Salvimar Turn 151 Fins are by far one of the best performing and best looking spearfishing fins currently available in Australia.

  •     Blade Angle: 151° with a 29° down angle
  •     Blade stiffness: Standard
  •     Blade material: Durable Polypropylene created for maximum power, comfort and durability
  •     Design: Shovel design for improved finning efficiency
  •     Foot Pockets: Removable interchangeable fin blades
  •     Foot pockets constructed from durable Polypropylene with Kevlar strands inserted for maximum connectivity and finning strength
  •     Foot pockets use an exclusive fixing system to assure the diver a perfect energy transmission for a fluid and efficient movement
  •     These foot pockets have been moulded using two materials with different hardness to ensure maximum comfort and power
  •     Foot pocket rubber is harder in the areas where it needs to be and also reinforced with Kevlar strands to ensure maximum power from the leg to the blade
  •     Extra padding on the heels and anti slip patterns on the heel so you won't have any accidents when rock hopping
  •     The blade itself is detachable and has two low modular polypropylene water rails to eliminate skidding and greatly improve performance
  •     The Salvimar Boomblast Dynamic Carbon Fins give the fans a new tool to live their own passion with a greater level of comfort and safety than ever before
  •     Rib connection system uses low modular Polypropylene water rails to eliminate skidding and greatly improve performance

4. Salvimar Hero with Reel Speargun

The Hero is here to save the day and is the latest and greatest speargun from Salvimar to hit our shores. Designed with a sought after cuttle fish shape, the Hero tracks nicely through water. The rear of the Hero comes with a changeable hand grip so you can easily switch it out or change to a left handed grip. There is also chest cushioning for when you are loading the gun. 

  • Asymmetric elliptical frame in aeronautical aluminium alloy 
  • Teflon® drive 
  • Increased profile for a better hydrostatic position 
  • Ergonomic handle with left and right kick as standard 
  • New Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism (350kg head load) 
  • Sensitive trigger adjustment 
  • Sternal support in soft rubber 
  • Handgrip with lanyard fastening hook or reinforced carabiner 
  • Multi-elastic open head 
  • Standard jumper supplied to transform it into a closed head

5. Rob Allen Stretch 2.5mm Gloves 

  • 2.5 mm thickness
  • Super stretch 2.5 mm neoprene
  • PU Dot reinforcing for durability
  • Non slip rubberised grip all over
  • Secure seal for maximum protection from cold water seepage
  • Stitching on seams has been glued and blind stitched
  • Colour: Black

6. Rob Allen 3mm Booties

Ideal for wearing under closed heel fins, or for added protection wheb walking along the beach and in shallow waters.

  • Rob Allen 3mm neoprene socks are anatomically designed with abrasion resistant Supratex material on the sole, providing warmth, comfort and padding for the diver.

    A really soft great fitting and comfortable sock. 

7. Ocen Hunter 3ATM Float, Line

3 Atmosphere Float is the perfect addition to your blue water arsenal. Designed to be durable, the float is rated to 44 PSI for a huge lift capacity to hold any heavy spear gear. The streamlined design minimises drag in the water and wind resistance to maximise towing speed. Keeping your location visible, the float is a neon yellow with a solace approved reflective white strip.

  •     Rated to 44 PSI
  •     Streamlined design
  •     High visibility yellow
  •     Internal bladder of 400 denier cordura
  •     Reinforcing sleeve of 100 denier cordura with webbing ribs
  •     Outer sleeve of 1200 denier cordura
  •     Solas approved reflective tape
  •     Stainless 316 fittings
  •     Includes user manual, oral inflator and air guage

8. Salvimar Atlantis ST Knife

A handy and compact underwater kill knife with a stiletto blade smooth on one side and serrated sharpening (Shark Tooth) on the other.

  • Designed to be fixed to your belt
  • Stainless Steel blade
  • Stiletto blade with smooth straight edge and partially serrated edge
  • Notch on the handle to hold spears and the hole to straighten shafts.
  • Blade length: 95mm

9. Salvimar Elastic Eco Weightbelt

  • High stretch rubber weight belt to keep your weights comfortably in proper position during ascents and descents. Great for free diving and spearfishing.

  • Belt Materials: Rubber
  • Buckle: Stainless Steel
  • Traditional Latch Style Buckle designed for quick release
  • For free diving and spearfishing
  • Colour: Black

    One Size

10. Shark Clip

  • 100mm Swivel
  • Strong
  • Attatches to any speargun
  • Universal
  • Stainless Steel

11. Shock Cord with Pig Tail

Ocean Hunter Gun Bungee

  • Makes rigging of the gun easier when using low stretch Nylon or Dynema shooting line.
  • Cored through with 180kg softweave Dynema.
  • Available with stainless pigtail clip

12. Speed Needle

  • OceanHunter Stainless Speed Needle is heavy duty and designed to last
  • Allows fish to be quickly strung onto the floatline with no delay in diving

13. Ocen Hunter Rigline 15m

The Ocean Hunter Float Line is ideal for all types of underwater hunting and includes 4 inch marine grade stainless steel shark clips on either end, plus reinforced stitching at both ends for maximum security.

  • The ultimate floatline for all types of underwater hunting in Australian waters
  • Foam core for optimum buoyancy
  • Comes with stainless steel Speed needle and Fish Stringer
  • 15m or 25m Red Line