Scuba Package Deals

At Wilderness Sea N Ski we love packages, we give you a variaty of options for all budgets. In a scuba diving package you get your BCD, regulators, ocy and gauges. A package deal is one of the most cost effective ways to get all your gear and get into Wilderness Sea N Ski. Cant afford the package you want upfront?  Why not pay it off through Certigy Ezi-Pay.  Ask us how to own the Scuba Diving package you'd like sooner and pay over time.

Scubapro Equator Dive Package
Lightweight & Compact BCD with Aladin Sport M2 Twin Console
$2199.00 $2760.00
Scubapro Hydros Ladies Package
PLUS FREE Scubapro Sport 5mm Divesuit
$2799.00 $4120.00
Scubapro Hydros Mens Package
Breakthough in Diver comfort with Galileo Wrist Computer
$3097.00 $4225.00
Scubapro Knighthawk Package
Designed for the males + Air2 + Aladin Sport MX Dive Computer
$2299.00 $2945.00
Scubapro X-Black BCD Package
Top of the line BCD +MK25 Regs +Air 2 + Luna Wrist Computer
$3399.00 $4405.00
Scubapro X-Black Premium Package
When only the best will do..X-Black BCD MK25 Titnm +Air 2 + G2 Wrist Computer
$4999.00 $6615.00
Hollis HD200 Dive Package
Combination of Tech/Rec features
$2099.00 $2350.00
Oceanpro Corsair Dive Package
Complete recreation Dive package
$1999.00 $2686.00
Tusa Jasmine Ladies Dive Package
Deluxe Ladies Dive Package + Tusa Talis Wrist Dive computer
$1799.00 $2387.00
Tusa Liberator Sigma Dive Package
Mens or Ladies Dive Package with Tusa 3in1 Dive computer
$1499.00 $1848.00
Tusa X-Wing BCD Dive Package
Technical & Recreational + Tusa IQ1204 Wrist Dive Computer
$2199.00 $3320.00
Zeagle Bravo/ Marina Dive Package
Combination of Tech/Rec features
$1399.00 $1500.00
Mares Prestige Epic Dive Package
Latest Mares Regulators
$1999.00 $2888.96
Mares Prime Dive Package
Mares Start up Scuba Package
$1299.00 $1844.00