Scuba Package Deals

At Wilderness Sea N Ski we love packages, we give you a variety of options for all budgets. In a scuba diving package you get your BCD, regulators, ocy and gauges. A package deal is one of the most cost effective ways to get all your gear and save money. Cant afford the package you want upfront?  Why not pay it off through Hum (available In store only). 
There are many other packge options availble.  Let us know your requirements & budget and we can put together your own individual package

Scubapro Equator Dive Package
Lightweight & Compact BCD with Aladin Sport M2 Twin Console
$2199.00 $2760.00
Scubapro Glide Dive Package
I tergrated weight system with Chromis wrist Computer
$2296.00 $2895.00
Scubapro Hydros Ladies Package
PLUS FREE Scubapro Sport 5mm Divesuit
$2799.00 $4120.00
Scubapro Hydros Mens/G2 Package
Breakthough in Diver comfort with G2 Wrist Computer
$3700.00 $4614.00
Scubapro X-Black BCD/G2 Package
Top of the line BCD +MK25 Regs + G2 Wrist Computer
$3899.00 $4809.00
Scubapro X-Black Premium Package
When only the best will do..X-Black BCD MK25 Titnm +Air 2 + G2 Wrist Computer
$4999.00 $6615.00
Hollis HD200 Dive Package
Combination of Tech/Rec features
$2099.00 $2350.00
Oceanpro Corsair Dive Package
Complete recreation Dive package
$1999.00 $2686.00
Tusa Jasmine Ladies Dive Package
Deluxe Ladies Dive Package + Element Wrist Dive computer
$1599.00 $2038.00
Tusa Liberator BCD Dive Package
Mens or Ladies Dive Package with Tusa 3in1 Dive computer
$1499.00 $1908.00
Tusa X-Wing BCD Dive Package
Technical & Recreational + Tusa IQ1204 Wrist Dive Computer
$2199.00 $3320.00
Zeagle Bravo/ Marina Dive Package
Combination of Tech/Rec features
$1399.00 $1500.00
Mares Prestige Epic Dive Package
Latest Mares Regulators
$1999.00 $2888.96
Mares Prime Dive Package
Mares Start up Scuba Package
$1399.00 $1739.00