Accessories & more

For all your Snorkelling and Speatfishng Accessories from big brands you know and trust, Rob Allen, Mares, Salvimar, Cressi, Omer and Ocean Hunter, come in and see the experts at Wilderness Sea N Ski, Liverpool, Sydney. We carry a huge range of products from dive torches, dive knives, weight belts, speargun rubbers, handspear rubbers, handspear shafts, 5 barb clusters, harpoon heads, speargun reels and lines, silicone mouth pieces, dry bags, mesh bags, marker buoys, torpedo floats and diver alert systems. We won't be beaten on price!

Atmos Mission 1 Wrist Computer
Ultimate Diving Experience
$699.00 $899.00
Cressi King Freediving Wrist Watch
'New' Diving, Apnea, Snorkeling
$489.00 $539.00
Cressi Neon Wrist Computer
Diving, Apnea, Snorkeling
$499.00 $569.00
Cressi Nepto Freediving Watch
Taravan & Edema Protection
$449.00 $499.99
Cressi Standard Mouthpiece
Good backup!
Jobe Infinity Underwater Seascooter
Get further quicker!!!
$1199.00 $1499.00
Mares Sirius Wrist Dive Computer
Combining Technology and elegance
$1298.00 $1599.95
Mares Smart Air Wrist Dive Computer
Compact, air integrated
$478.00 $619.95
Mares Smart Apnea Dive Computer
Freediving and Spearfishing
$418.00 $499.00
Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer
User Friendly
$398.00 $579.95
Oceanic+ Dive Housing
For your iphone!
Salvimar Freedive Watch
Perfect Freedive companion
Scubapro A1 Wrist Dive Computer
Scuba, Gauge, and Apnea
$534.00 $632.00
Scubapro A2 Wrist Dive Computer
Scuba, Gauge, and Apnea
$734.00 $918.00
Scubapro Aladin Sport MX Wrist
with Digital Compass
$424.00 $529.00
Shark Eyes Deterrent Sticker Decal
Surfboard, Fins, Tanks, SUP
Suunto D4i Novo Black
Great Price for so many features!
$538.00 $599.00
Suunto D5 Black
Clear, easy to use!
$834.00 $999.00
Suunto Eon Core Black
So many functions!
$844.00 $999.00
Suunto Zoop Novo Black
Easy to use
$364.00 $429.00
Tusa IQ-1201 Talis Wrist Computer
Advanced 2 gas watch computer
$399.00 $559.00
Tusa IQ-1301 TC1 Wrist Computer
Long-life rechargeable battery
$374.00 $449.00
Cressi Dry Box Canister
Water tight capsule
Cressi Dry Box Red
Water tight capsule
Jetpilot Venture Esky
Insulated, and plenty of storage
Jetpilot Wetsuit Change Mat
Get changed easily
$25.00 $39.99
Mares Soft Goodman Torch Handle
Can be used with many dive lights
$79.95 $94.95
Mirage Waterproof Phone Case
With Arm band!
O&E Water Key Pouch
Keep valuables with you safe & dry
$9.60 $12.00
O&E Water Key Pouch 2024
Keep valuables with you safe & dry
Ocean Design Dry Canister Large
Waterproof to 40 metres
Ocean Design Dry Canister Small
Waterproof to 40 metres
Tusa Snorkelling Vest
Snorkelling & Swimming Aid
Mirage Dry Bag Pouch 1.5L
Small size dry bag for phones, keys
$5.00 $12.99
Oceanpro Torch Lanyard
Secures your torch to your wrist
Shark Shield Ocean Guardian Freedom 7
Peace of mind whilst diving underwater
Cressi D-Ring 50D
To secure weights in position
Cressi Weightbelt Pocket Harness
Fits over shoulders & around waist
Huntmaster Burley Silicone Weight Belt
Integrated D-Ring- Colours
$69.00 $80.00
Huntmaster Scout Rubber Weight Belt
With a roller buckle
Land and Sea Padded Weightbelt
Comfortable weightbelt
Ocean Hunter Marsellaise Weight Belt Black
Safest Freediving Belt
$49.00 $59.00
Ocean Hunter Marsellaise Weight Belt Chameleon
Various colours to choose
$59.00 $76.00
Ocean Hunter Marsellaise Weight Belt Colours
Various colours to choose
$49.00 $76.00