For a hug range of fins for spearfishing and snorkelling, come and be fitted by the professionals at Wilderness Sea N Ski, Liverpool. Full Foot Fins for adults and kids from the brands you know and trust, Tusa, Mares, Cressi, Omer, Pelagic and Salvimar. We have fins that are cheerfull and cheap to fins that are long, powerful and high performance. You won't find a better price in Sydney, Australia.

Tusa Reef Tourer Blue
Great Snorkelling & Aqua Fins
Tusa Reef Tourer Pink
Great Snorkelling & Aqua Fins
Tusa UF0103 Snorkeling Fins Blue
Designed for travel Kids/Adults
$34.95 $49.95
Tusa UF0103 Snorkeling Fins Pink
Designed for travel Kids/Adults
$34.95 $49.95
Cressi Elastic Long Pink
Great for a range of water sports
$35.00 $69.95
Cressi Pluma Pink
Light and Easy Kicking
$59.95 $69.00
Mares X-One Fins Black
Buckle-free strap design
$49.95 $64.95
Scubapro Jet Sport Blue
Feel the propulsion
$122.00 $136.50
Scubapro Jet Sport Grey
Feel the propulsion
$122.00 $136.50
Subgear Fluida 2 Blue
Classic design full foot fins
$29.95 $59.95
Tusa RF11 Reeftourer Pro XL
Size XL only
$39.00 $79.00
Tusa X-Pert Evolution Full Foot
Split Blade Snorkeling Fins
Tusa Solla Full Foot Black
Performance Spearfish or Snorkel
$99.00 $110.00
Tusa Solla Full Foot Blue
Performance Spearfish or Snorkel
$99.00 $110.00
Tusa Solla Full Foot Yellow
Performance Spearfish or Snorkel
$99.00 $110.00
Cressi Gara 2000 HF
Designed for deep skin-diving
$139.00 $199.99
Cressi Gara 3000 LD
Soft Blade, Long Distance
$169.95 $179.95
Cressi Gara Modular Black
LIghhtweight and Reactive
$169.00 $288.00
Cressi Gara Modular Carbon Black
Advanced Freediving and Spearfishing
$659.00 $819.99
Cressi Gara Modular Green
LIghhtweight and Reactive
$169.00 $267.00
Mares Instinct Pro Black
Optimum power and thrust
$139.00 $159.99
Mares Instinct Pro Green
"V" shape prevents slippage
$139.00 $159.99
Mares Razor Carbon
High Performance
$699.00 $899.00
Mares Razor Pro
*PLUS* FREE 3mm Fin Sox
$189.00 $229.00
Mares Razor Pro Interchange Blades
Disguise yourself in Camo!
$49.95 $99.95
Salvimar Boomblast Carbon
Adaptive Curvature
$549.00 $899.00
Salvimar Next Camo
Blade connection system
$199.00 $261.80
Scubapro Seawing Nova Full Foot
Divers who prefer fins without boots
$149.00 $191.10
Subgear Carbon S1 Fins
Best power between foot and blade
$399.00 $977.34
Subgear Carbon S2 Fins
Best power between foot and blade
$299.00 $491.40
Omer Stingray Camo 3D Fins
Blend in with the ocean
$150.00 $225.95
Ocean Design Moana Spearfishing
Comfortable foot pocket
$189.00 $225.00
Pelagic Freediving Fins
For Spearo's and Free Divers
$69.00 $139.00
Pelagic Spirit Freediving Fins Black
Medium Flexible Blade
$125.00 $141.90
Pelagic Spirit Freediving Fins Blue
Super Soft Flexible Blade
$125.00 $141.90
Pelagic Spirit Freediving Fins Green
Soft Flexible Blade
$125.00 $141.90