Wilderness Sea N Ski have a huge range of dive knives, hunting knives and spearfishing knives. No matter what your sport or requirement, blunt tip or point tip, we have a knife for all occassions. View our range of dive knives and knife accessories from Tusa, Scubapro, Mares, Cressi, Ocean Hunter, Mirgae and many more either online or in- store, Liverpool. You won't find a better price in Sydney, Australia.

Atomic T16
Corrosion-resistant blade
$225.00 $259.00
Cressi Lama Knife
Small, flat and ergonomic knife
$65.00 $79.99
Deep Stiletto 11
2 sided blade
$69.99 $89.99
Land & Sea Abalone
Multo purpose Dive tool
$34.95 $39.95
Land & Sea Commando
Military Style, Multi Purpose
$39.95 $49.95
Land & Sea Fancy Dive Knife
With snaplock sheath & leg straps
$14.95 $19.95
Land & Sea Folding Knife
Stainless Steel Blade
Land & Sea Frog
Tough & Reliable
Mac Sub 11 D2 Camo Knife
Italian made- Blue or green camo
Mac Torpedo 11 Camo
Italian Made - Blue or Green
$89.95 $91.00
Mares Force Bat Titanium
Superior cutting sharpness
$128.00 $159.95
Mares Force Plus
Fasten to BCD, Bag, Hose
$59.00 $99.99
Mares Hero Dive Knife
Wear on arm, calf or belt
$65.00 $69.95
Mares Iago
with quick-release system
Mirage Rayzor Submariner Knife
Specialist spearo’s dagger
$39.95 $49.95
Ocean Pro Cobra Titanium
Superior performance
$98.00 $139.95
Pelagic Titanium Mini BC-311
Great knife, great price
$59.99 $96.60
Rob Allen X Blade Knife
Includes sheath for calf
$99.99 $109.95
Salvimar Predathor
Fox to arm, forearm, belt or calf
$56.99 $79.99
Scubapro Mako Stainless
8.5cm Blade
$69.99 $81.90
Scubapro Mako Titanium
Superior cutting edge
$139.99 $154.80
Scubapro TK15
Super Strong
$229.00 $255.00
Scubapro White Tip
Always gets the job done
$69.99 $81.90
Scubapro X-Cut BC/TEK Knife
Highly-durable cutting edge
$109.99 $132.00
Tusa FK10 Mini Dive Knife
 Tusa quality stainless steel knife
$49.95 $54.95
Tusa FK11 Mini Dive Knife Blunt
Compact and lightweight
$49.99 $54.95
Tusa FK14 Mini Dive Knife Titanium
 Tusa quality stainless steel knife
Tusa FK210 Imprex Knife
Disassemble for cleaning -14cm Blade
$79.95 $119.95
Tusa FK910 X-Pert II Knife
Disassemble for cleaning -11cm blade
$69.95 $114.00
Tusa FK940 X-Pert II Titanium
Made from high quality Ti-6Al-4V titanium
$185.00 $210.00
Aquatec Knife Leg Strap
Scuba knife strap for leg
L&S Knife Retaining Ring
Safety rubber retainer
$7.95 $10.00
Land & Sea Knife Strap (pair)
Suits all knives
Tusa Knife Strap (single)
Suits all knives