Package Deals

Wilderness Sea N Ski have great Spearfishing packages to suit all budgets.  A variety of Handspear and speargun packages including Mask, Snorkel, wetsuit, knife, speargun and bags to get you hunting underwater.

Spearfishing Package #1
Get started spearfishing deal
$189.00 $308.00
Spearfishing Package #2
with OH Speargun
$299.00 $408.00
Spearfishing Package #3
Keep camouflaged
$349.00 $538.84
Spearfishing Package #4
For the serious Hunter on a budget
$449.00 $693.00
Spearfishing Serious Starter Package
Get more to get you started and SAVE!
$599.00 $833.00
Mares Spearfishing Package
Mares Pure Instinct Package
$799.00 $1049.65
Rob Allen/Cressi Package 1
Rob Allen Pkg #1 for serious hunters..
$1399.00 $1874.58