Stomp Pads, Wax, Tools, Locks

Our massive range of snowboard accessories include: snowboard stomp pads, leashes, wax, tools, boa wheels, locks and spare parts  
540 Stomp Pad Bat
Personlise your board
540 Stomp Pad Hearts
Keep the bottom of your boots clean
$18.95 $22.95
540 Stomp Pad LED
Personlise your board
540 Stomp Pad X-Stomp
X Marks the spot
Crab Grab Mega Claws Stomp Pads pk2
The original Crab Grab foam pads
Crab Grab Skate Rail Stomp Pads 2pk
Skate style pads for snowboards
Grab Crab Grab Rails Stomp Pads 2pk
Make every grab count
Burton Large Scraper Mat Clear
Full Foot Grip
Burton Spinner Stomp Pad
Snow accessories at Sydney's lowest prices
$9.95 $14.95
Demon Cross Stomp Pad
You gotta have traction!
Ollies Backside Family Jewels Studs
Jewel Design - 6 pack
Oneballjay Bottle Caps Stomp Pad
Assorted Graphics
Oneballjay Bottle Opener Stomp
Who's shout is it?
Oneballjay Madness Opener Stomp
Who's shout is it?
Oneballjay Walter Stomp Pad
6" Grippy rubber
KUU Stomp Pad 6 Metal Grip Black
Star Design - 6 pack
$24.95 $29.99
KUU Stomp Pad 6 Metal Grip Silver
Star Design - 6 pack
KUU Stomp Pad Metal Grip Silver
Create you design & get good grip
KUU Stomp Pad Clear
Get a great grip
KUU Stomp Pad Fish Bone
Get a great grip
KUU Stomp Pad Hot Legs
A stand out grip
KUU Stomp Pad Lazybugs
Prevent your free foot from sliding
$19.95 $24.95
KUU Stomp Pad Skull
Get a Good GRIP
KUU Stomp Pad Skully
For the perfect grip
Bakoda McIver Driver Tool
Handy Pocket snowboard pocket tool
Burton Bullet Tool
Burton Zip Tool
Ultra Compact
KUU The Hooker Pocket Tool
Works as a lace tightner and tool
$6.00 $14.99
Snow Pro Pocket Tool
Handy pocket tool to tighten your bindings
$12.95 $19.95
Burton Channel Plugs
Customise your ride
Burton EST Hardware Kit
All the spares you need
Dakine Binding Hardware
Fits most bindings
Degenerati Bolts
Fits most bindings
KUU Mounting Screws 16mm
8 pack, screws and washers
540 Retractable Lock
Locks up Skis or Board
$24.95 $29.95
Burton Cable Lock
Burton Tether Snowboard Lock
Take a break
KUU Cobra Coiler Lock III
Safety combo set button
Kuu Cobra Coiler Lock Slim
Recoil cable and release mechanism
$29.99 $34.99
Ollies Grenade Cable Lock
Steel cable
$19.99 $24.99
Oneballjay Bomb Lock
KUU Board and Ski Package
For Skis and Boards
$149.00 $162.00
KUU Base Wax
Top Brand in Board wax
$19.95 $23.95
KUU Drip Stick Black
PTex Repair Candle
KUU Drip Stick Clear
PTex Repair Candle