Wilderness Sea N Ski carry a huge range of pneumatic and sling spearguns for all levels of fishermen. The most important piece of your gear is the speargun.  With big brands such as Rob Allen, Cressi, Omer, Nemrod, JBL, Mares, Undersea, Salvimar, Huntmaster, why shop anywhere else?  All spearguns are rigged and set up by trained professionals before leaving the store. Shop online or in store you wont find a better deal in Sydney or Australia.    How to Spearfishing & Snorkeling Guide

Cressi Apache Speargun
Idela for around rocks
$129.99 $149.99
Cressi Cherokee
With  an anticorodal black frame
$279.00 $336.99
Cressi Mohawk Railgun
Triple coated spring steel shaft
$399.00 $489.99
Cressi Yuma
Built for fast fishing
$239.00 $289.00
Huntmaster Galarra Carbon Open
Carbon Barrel gloss finish
Huntmaster Tasman Open Black
Black ceramic coated aluminium barrel
Huntmaster Tasman Open White
Black ceramic coated aluminium barrel
Huntmaster Wigun Open Blaze
Superior Australian made guns
Huntmaster Wigun Open Blue
Superior Australian made guns
Huntmaster Wigun Open Green
Superior Australian made guns
Huntmaster Wigun Open Huntress Pink
Superior Australian made guns
Huntmaster Wigun Open Red
Superior Australian made guns
JBL Explorer
Big on performance
$296.00 $369.99
JBL Reaper Series
 Looks as deadly as it shoots
$449.00 $579.00
Mares Sniper Pro
Simplicity, Functionality, Reliability
$199.00 $259.00
Mares Viper Pro DS
Perfect for Large Fish
$349.00 $399.00
Nemrod Hellfire GT
Loads of features to help your hunting
$299.00 $399.00
Ocean Hunter SG-S
durable gun that packs a serious punch
$109.00 $149.95
Riffe Mahogany Competitor
Competitively priced
$559.99 $699.99
Rob Allen GT Carbon Roller
*Limited Edition*
$1049.00 $1199.00
Rob Allen Nomad
All the power you need!
$599.00 $699.00
Rob Allen Roller Gun
All new and improved
$729.00 $749.95
Rob Allen Samburu
Twice as strong!
$649.00 $829.00
Rob Allen Scorpia
Great Quality for less
$329.00 $369.99
Rob Allen Sparid Evo Railgun
All new and improved
$449.00 $499.00
Rob Allen Tuna Pro Railgun
The ultimate blue water speargun
$519.00 $579.99
Salvimar Chameleon Railgun
Solid and reliable
Salvimar Hero Roller
Solid performance
$799.00 $849.00
Salvimar Hero Storm Railgun
Solid performance
$699.00 $749.00
Salvimar Hero with Reel
Solid performance
$749.00 $799.99
Salvimar Intruder Pro
Italian made spearguns
$199.00 $306.90
Salvimar Metal Roller
Handle with Metal trigger mechanism
$549.00 $599.00
Salvimar Steel Railgun
with Metal Trigger Mechanism
$389.00 $449.00
Salvimar Tomahawk Hybrid Roller
*New* from Salvimar
$999.00 $1049.00
Salvimar Y Pro
Italian Made
$265.00 $332.30
Seac B Combat Speargun
Double Muzzle, camouflaged
$229.99 $309.99
Undersee Blue Tuna
$239.00 $299.99
Undersee Phantom Pro Railgun
Fully rigged ready to shoot
Undersee Spider Speargun
The bite to take down any fish!
$139.00 $169.95
Undersee The Don Railgun
The Best Speargun Ever
Undersee Woodie MKII Timber
Classic wooden railgun
Cressi SL Star Pneumatic w/Reducer
Ultra light, easy to use, fire quickly
$299.00 $329.99
Mares Jet 42 Pneumatic
Great price & reliability
Mares Sten Mini 49 Pneumatic
Power and reliability-with holster
Undersee Javelin Pneumatic
Accurate, powerful and easy to use
$249.95 $289.95