Covers, Leashes, Accessories

We have all those bits and pieces needed for any surfboard, including: Covers, leashes, plugs, resin, fibre glass repair kits, solar cured, socks, wax's comb's, neoprene glue & rap rax, all by ocean and earth, cult and palmers. Surfboard Alifins are the latest in performance. Try one now in our demo program.

DMC Soft Surf Helmet SSH
Head protection for watersports
$49.00 $99.00
O&E Wetsuit Repair Kit
Repairs small holes & tears
Shark Eyes Deterrent Sticker Decal
Surfboard, Fins, Tanks, SUP
O&E Aircon Shortboard
3 layers of protection
O&E Compact Day Shortboard
Added nose and tail protection
O&E Double Coffin Shortboard
Fits Up to 3 Boards
O&E Double Compact Shortboard
with internal compression straps
O&E Quad Coffin Shortboard
Extra Tough, Up to 5 Boards
O&E Stretch Longboard Sock Cover 7'0"
Protective nose piece both sides
O&E Stretch Shortboard Sock Cover
Protective nose piece both sides
O&E Triple Coffin Shortboard
with reinforced fabric skid plate
O&E Triple Wheel Shortboard
Heavy duty inline bearing wheel system
Maddog Basic Surfboard Leash
Don't lose your board!
O&E Leash Premium 6'0"
World's strongest leash
O&E Leash Sunset 6'0"
Surf accessories at Discount prices.
O&E Leash Sunset 7'0"
Moulded surfboard leash
O&E Leash Sunset 8'0"
Moulded surfboard leash
O&E Leash Sunset 9'0"
Moulded surfboard leash
Adrenalin Skimboard & Tropical Surf Wax
Skimboard, Bodyboard, Surf
Adrenalin Warm Water Surf Wax
Skimboard, Bodyboard, Surf
Froth All Water Surf Wax
8 ˚C – 30 ˚C
Froth Cool Water Surf Wax
13 ˚C – 20 ˚C
Froth Surf Wax
Super Sticky
O&E Max Wax Cold 75g
Water temps 15ºC
O&E Max Wax Cool 75g
Water temps 14 - 19ºC
O&E Max Wax Warm 75g
Water temps 19 - 23ºC
O&E Tropical Wax 75g
Water temps 24ºC and above
Palmers Surf Wax Cool 90g
Water temps 15ºC
Palmers Surf Wax Warm 90g
Warm Water temps 
O&E Wax Comb
O&E Wax Remover
perfectly removes wax
O&E Epoxy Solarcure Resin
Includes 28g tube
O&E Mepk Catalyst
Accessories at the best prices
O&E Polyester Resin
Accessories at the best prices
O&E Fibreglass Surfboard Repair Kit
All in the one tub!
O&E Pro Tip Nose Protection Kit
Includes Two Different Sized Tips
O&E UV Resin Epoxy Repair Kit
Do it yourself
Adrenalin Ballistic Split Toe Surf Boots
Selling at a bargain price
Jetpilot Venture Esky
Insulated, and plenty of storage
Mirage Dry Bag Pouch 1.5L
Small size dry bag for phones, keys
$5.00 $12.99
Mirage Waterproof Phone Case
With Arm band!
Quiksilver Highline Gloves
2mm, lightweight warmth
$29.00 $59.99
Ocean & Earth Slide On Wetty Slipper
Put on a wetsuit easy and fast
O&E Bingin Bucket Surf Hat
Soft Peak - Lightweight  
O&E G-Land Surf Hat
Complete protection