Covers, Leashes, Accessories

We have all those bits and pieces needed for any surfboard, including: Covers, leashes, plugs, resin, fibre glass repair kits, solar cured, socks, wax's comb's, neoprene glue & rap rax, all by ocean and earth, cult and palmers. Surfboard Alifins are the latest in performance. Try one now in our demo program.

O&E Aircon Shortboard
3 layers of protection
O&E Compact Day Shortboard
Added nose and tail protection
O&E Double Coffin Shortboard
Fits Up to 3 Boards
O&E Double Compact Shortboard
with internal compression straps
O&E Quad Coffin Shortboard
Extra Tough, Up to 5 Boards
O&E Stretch Shortboard Sox
Protective nose piece both sides
O&E Triple Coffin Shortboard
with reinforced fabric skid plate
O&E Triple Wheel Shortboard
Heavy duty inline bearing wheel system
Quiksilver Mesh Surf Sock
We won't be beaten on price!
O&E Leash Premium 10'0"
World's strongest leash
O&E Leash Premium 6'0"
World's strongest leash
O&E Leash Regular 7'0"
Moulded Surf Leash
O&E Leash Regular 8'0"
Moulded Surf Leash
O&E Leash Softboard 6'0"
Designed for softboards
O&E Leash Sunset 6'0"
Surf accessories at Discount prices.
O&E Leash Sunset 7'0"
Moulded surfboard leash
O&E Leash Sunset 8'0"
Moulded surfboard leash
Froth Surf Wax
Super Sticky
O&E Max Wax Warm 75g
Water temps 19 - 23ºC
Ocean & Earth Wax Shnap Warm
Bodyboarding gear at the best deals
Sex Wax Quick Humps
Easy to apply, smells great
Surf Organic Surf Wax
Packaged with 100% recycled materials
O&E Wax Comb
O&E Wax Remover
perfectly removes wax
O&E Mepk Catalyst
Accessories at the best prices
O&E Polyester Resin
Accessories at the best prices
O&E Fibreglass Surfboard Repair Kit
All in the one tub!
O&E Pro Tip Nose Protection Kit
Includes Two Different Sized Tips
O&E UV Resin Epoxy Repair Kit
Do it yourself
Wetsuit Wash Adrenalin 250ML
Santitizes all kinds of wetsuits
Adrenalin Ballistic Split Toe Surf Boots
Selling at a bargain price
$44.99 $49.95
Mirage Pouch Dry Bag
Small size dry bag for phones, keys
Quicksilver Split Toe 2mm Surf Boots
FN lite neoprene
$49.99 $59.99
Quiksilver Syncro 2mm Wetsuit Beanie
Warm 2mm Wetsuit hood/beanie
Quiksilver Highline Gloves
2mm, lightweight warmth
$45.00 $59.99
Adrenalin 2P Poncho Hooded Towel
Keeping you cosy
The Slippy
Put on a wetsuit easy and fast
Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc
60gms of goodness
$19.99 $24.99
Land and Sea Silicone Slap Watch
Water Resistant - 10ATM
O&E Ulu Surf Cap
Chin Strap, Quick-Drying