Wakesurfers & Wakeskates

At Wilderness Sea N Ski we carry Wakeskates and Wakesurfers. If your wakeskating behind a boat or a Ski park working on your turns on a winch wakeskating practicing your next lipslide, Our wakeskates and wake surfer brands include Hyperlite and Byerly will give you all the technical performance you need while being forgiving on your knees.  Speak to our wakeboard and wakeskate experts.

Raptor Empire Wakeskate
Full Timber wakeskate with eva top pad
$249.99 $279.99
Hyperlite Broadcast 2021
Shaun Murray certified!
Hyperlite Quad Wakesurfer 2021
Ready for the big boys
Hyperlite Speedster 2021
Shaun Murray certified!
Ronix Carbon Sprocket 2020
High speed manoeuvrability
$1239.00 $1549.95
Ronix Kids Supersonic Space Odysey Wakesurfer
For the young riders
$649.00 $699.99
Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2021
An all round fun board
Ronix Koal Ladies Wakesurfer 4'5"
Women’s Timeless Funboard
$999.00 $1149.95
Ronix Koal Surface Powertail 2021
An all round fun board
Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher 2020
Soft Top Durabilty meets Thruster
$599.00 $799.95
Raptor Round Disc
A blast on the water
$179.00 $199.99
Ronix Dempsey Wakesurfer Bag
double the padding
$129.00 $149.95
Ronix Sleeping Bag Surf Sock
with drawstring closure