Enriched Air Diver

Why PADI Enriched Air Diver? (Nitrox)

Maximize your time under water with the PADI Enriched Air Diver course. Enriched Air Divers can.

  • Stay underwater longer 
  • Have shorter surface intervals
  • Increase your safety margin 

Plus, by diving with Enriched Air feel less tired and better after the dive. 

What do I need to start? 

Be certified as a Diver . (You must be 15 years of age or older). 

What will I do? 

You will learn preparation and diving procedures involved with enriched air diving. Complete 2 ocean dives.

How soon can I be diving on enriched air?

  • Just a mini workshop and a couple of OPTIONAL dives and you’ll be on your way.
  • Recommended Course Hours: up to 12
  • Minimum Open Water Training: NONE

What will I need?

You’ll need your PADI Enriched Air Crew-Pak, which includes an Enriched Air 32 percent Table, Enriched Air 36 percent Table and Equivalent Air Depth/Oxygen Exposure Table Where can I go from here?

You can apply this Specialty course towards your Master Scuba Diver certification. You also commonly need the PADI Enriched Diver certification if you intend to move into technical diving.

For next upcoming course dates contact 1800 224112 or email sales@wilderness.net.au

Cost $299

Pay only $250 if you add Nitrox Course to your Advance Course Booking 

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