about snowboarding

At Wilderness Sea N Ski

We snowboard, so when you shop from us you can be assured that you are getting quality advice and product from people who spend their time on the mountain shedding. Wilderness Sea N Ski will provide you with the latest in snowboarding technology and fashion so you can ensure your ripping up the mountain in style.


We carry the latest in snow boards from players like Burton, DC, Lib Tech and Gnu. Whether your a beginner that needs equipment that will progress with you or an up and coming pro that wants to take advantage of the latest in dual camber and serrated edge technology,  Wilderness Sea N Ski has the gear to meet your needs. We also carry wider board sizes to meet the needs of larger feet.

 Snowboard Bindings:

Wilderness Sea N Ski carries the most up to date binding technology. Toe caps to high backs we make sure your feet are to your board with equipment that will give your riding power and your body comfort.

 Snowboard Boots:

Snowboard Boots can make your day or break your day. From soft to stiff boots Wilderness Sea N Ski’s professional boot fitters will sit down with you and find the fit that suits you and your riding. Boots should feel tight when you first put them on allowing time to wear in.  You generally buy boots the same as your normal shoes.  We have all the brands including Burton, Ride, Rome, Northwave, Nitro, K2, Drake, Flow and DC.  There are different styles of boots laces or Boa system.  Laces are simple to use, tighten any section of the lace and easy to replace but is slower and you have laces hanging loose when undone.  The Boa System is quick and easy to adjust the tightness of your boots. Fast and convenient, but harder to replace and fix then laces.

 Snowboard Helmets

A good quality helmet is the most important piece you can take to the mountain. Wilderness Sea N Ski carries a full range of helmets for every type of rider we stock everything from Giro for the big mountain turner to Sandbox for the park rat shredder.


These are essential for all snowboarders.  Its hard to fight back tears from the wind getting in your eyes skiing down the mountain without them.  Even on a sunny day, goggles offer far more protection than sunglasses.  All snow goggles carried in store offer a double lense.  This prevents the goggles from fogging allowing a better air flow.  There are various lense colours. The reflective lenses are even great on a sunny day.  If you need to wear prescription glasses on the snow, you will to buy a pair of 'OTG' Over the Glasses snow goggles.

So no matter whether your bombing waist deep powder in Japan on the stormiest days or enjoying the groomers in Australia on the sunniest Wilderness Sea N Ski’s goggles have you covered. 


Jackets, and Pants you got to look good! Luckily Wilderness Sea N Ski has the latest in fashion and technology from all over the world. We will deck you out in the latest in style and functionality ensuring that you can enjoy what the mountain has to offer all day every day!  Working out the waterproof rating is easy.  It is measured by the amount of water in millimeters that can be held above the fabric before it seeps through. For material to be considered waterproof, it must be rated to at least 1,000mm. Most ski gear sold is at lest 3,000mm ranging to 20,000mm